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Research new locations or optimise existing ones

Understand what drives your customers, their choices, decisions and behaviour

Location Optimiser from Ikano Insight precisely maps your visitor or shopper movements.

Using fully permissioned geo-location data from multiple sources, we can map your customer locations, where they go and what routes they take:

  • Evening and daytime locations
  • Time of day and day of week visit patterns
  • In-store dwell times
  • Competitor store visits

Consumer pathway mapping

Location Optimiser identifies consumer movement outside your store, where they come from and return, and where else they travel.

We can map journey routes to and from your store, showing common points of origin or popular stopping points en-route.

Optimise outdoor marketing opportunities, and understand the nature of your customers’ shopping trips.

Motivate customers to visit your store in particular

In-store movement tracking

Location Optimiser enables consumer movement tracking inside your own store.

With in-store locations recorded every 15 minutes, you can track customer pathways to a nearest 25 cm/sq level of accuracy.

By mapping in-store movement, we can identify points of highest customer attention, route preferences and bottlenecks.

Optimise store layout and merchandising

Catchment area mapping

Precisely map catchment areas, based on actual consumer journeys rather than e-commerce or loyalty programme address files.

Understand store performance purely based upon physical visits, cross-referenced with evening and daytime locations.

Map catchment areas of an individual store, all stores in a single shopping mall, or multiple stores in separate locations.

Understand the true geographical reach of your store

Competitor store visitation

Location Optimiser can track where else your customers shop, locations, stores, time of day, day of week and more.

With over 20,000 UK retail destinations already mapped, and international markets available on request, we can see precisely where your customers like to go.

What other brands they have affinity with, and who is offering the strongest competition to you.

Be one step ahead of the competition in knowing your customer

Store visitor profiling

We can apply geo-demographic and behavioural profiles to the location analysis, from external sources and from your own data files.

You can see where your most valuable audiences go, where they live and their most frequent journeys.

Understand how often they visit, and at what times, to deliver customer experiences that grow revenue and loyalty.

Understand the profile of your audiences and target the right geographies for you

Would you like to understand the performance of your store on a new level?

Whether you are researching potential new site locations, or looking to optimise revenue from existing stores. Location Optimiser offers a powerful solution, unlocking previously hidden insight from your store visitors.

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By comparing the difference in transactional behaviour across the stores, plus dwell time analysis we build a picture of the consumer’s habits and cross store shopping journeys

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IKEA Singapore Inspiration and Communication Manager

Consumer location analytics in retail

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