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Targeting market share growth in omni-channel retail


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Track and target your competitor customers to grow market share

Understand who shops where, how often, and for how long

Location Optimiser from Ikano Insight precisely maps location and movement of competitor customers and your own.

Using fully permissioned geo-location data from multiple sources, we can map your own customer movement and store visits, and compare directly with your competitor customers:

  • Competitor store visits versus your own
  • Frequency and store dwell times
  • Customer home and work locations
  • Time of day and day of week visit patterns
  • Journey routes and destinations

Analyse competitor store visitation

Location Optimiser can track where else your customers shop, where you are losing share of wallet.

Identify which competitors, how often they visit, and when, to create strategies to win increased market share.

Be one step ahead of the competition in knowing your market

Compare precise catchment areas

Map competitor catchment areas versus your own, and target areas of market opportunity.

Map actual catchment areas, based on consumer journeys and origin points rather than e-commerce or loyalty programme address files.

Pinpoint your market share growth target areas

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Map consumer pathways and shopping journeys

Map journey routes to and from stores, understand shopping trips and journey times, and popular destinations.

Optimise outdoor marketing opportunities, improve store location strategies, and combat competitive threats.

Increase traffic to your store

Apply socio-demographic profiling to location

Apply socio-demographic and behavioural profiles to your location analysis, from external sources and from your own data files.

Identify your most valuable market segments, and target them via their location. See where they currently shop, where they live and their most frequent journeys.

Understand the location and profile of your highest potential audiences

Would you like to target local market share growth precisely?

Whether you are researching potential new site locations, or looking to grow customer value and market share from existing stores, Location Optimiser offers a powerful solution, unlocking previously hidden location based insights.

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Consumer location analytics in retail

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