Profiling, segmentation and personalisation results in 200% click increase

The client

A leading insurance specialist for motor cycle riders, bike events and travel


The challenge

The entire customer experience was automated and generic; the client was missing the chance to tailor their communication, increase trust /rapport with customers and improve their policy conversion rates.

In addition, once customers were on board, how to keep them? Every business needs to keep their customers happy and, ideally, coming back year on year. The client was facing a lack of ‘stickiness’- losing existing policyholders and high churn rates.

The solution

We reviewed and segmented the existing customer database to identify trends. For example, a customer’s propensity to visit motorbiking events, their likelihood to purchase add-ons e.g. motorbike gloves, scratch protection insurance.

This segmentation analysis enabled our insight experts to create a CRM strategy so that a tailored user journey could be created.

Our goal was to enhance the customer experience thereby demonstrating the value of the brand beyond the core product.

We did this by introducing different creative assets, messaging and tone dependent on the customer’s assigned segment.

The results

  • £3.8m incremental policy revenue
  • 15% increase in email open rate
  • 200% in email click rate

Enabled the client to understand their customer base and improve the customer experience and connection with the brand.

Allowed the client to automate their engagement strategy: send at the right time with the right content for improved engagement levels.

Empowered the marketing team to make data-driven decisions and now forms a key lever in decisions throughout the business.

Better retention of existing policyholders – customers felt this was the best deal for them and so were happy to remain a customer.

Further uplifts:

  • +254% in quotes 2019 vs. 2018
  • +80% in sales 2019 vs. 2018

The results speak for themselves

Our focus was retention of existing insurance policyholders. Ikano Insight’s customer segmentation analysis shaped a highly successful CRM campaign.

CRM & Digital Marketing Manager at Motorcycle Insurance Company

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