Supporting Loneliness Awareness Week with a Swedish fika

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July 2, 2021

Last Updated: December 15, 2021

We supported ‘Loneliness awareness week’ by having a company Fika and quiz with a representative from one of our nominated charities in attendance as a guest speaker. James Setters, from Independent Age shared stories with us of some of the harsh realities of being an older person and living through lockdown.

Independent Age is a UK-based charity that provides support and advice for older people and those caring for them, along with friendship services to relieve loneliness.

Here is one of the powerful and moving stories that James shared with us as an example of how this amazing charity can make such a huge difference.

Tony’s story

“I’m usually in the lounge of my park home when I chat to young Dan, my opposite number in London. Dan is 30, and his job is in the business world. I’m 83, divorced and living alone. But age shouldn’t matter when it comes to friendship. We enjoy talking to each other and get on well. Chatting to Dan cheers up my day.

Dan and I started chatting on the telephone at the start of the pandemic. We’d been talking for months when we first met, it was lovely to have his company and to meet him after we’d been talking for so long. We chat every week now, usually for an hour on a Tuesday evening. It’s a nice change and I look forward to it. We have some interesting talks, and we chat about everything and anything.

Time flies by when I’m chatting to him, it goes so fast it’s unbelievable. Dan has become a friend. I admire him for volunteering, and I enjoy talking to him very much.”

With the help of volunteers this amazing charity supports their community by providing phone calls and visits to those in need. The stories we heard were powerful and heartwarming. We are privileged to support Independent Age.

Posted by Sarah Cumber



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Supporting Loneliness Awareness Week with a Swedish fika