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increase in spend per customer


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The challenge

Our client was sending product offers to their entire database. The challenge was to develop a new CRM & engagement communication strategy focused on better product targeting to deliver increased sales.

Our Recommendation Engine product enabled our client to target their customers with relevant product offers to increase engagement and drive ROI

Our solution

Our data insight experts developed a communications strategy based on our client’s specific objectives and agreed product ranges / offers.

We used our Recommendation Engine to present customers with a range of products that were matched to them on an individual one-to-one basis, using their previous purchase behaviour. Our client was also able to select product recommendations by home furnishing areas as well as by customer segments giving them a flexible solution. Recommendation were applied to standalone communications and post-purchase triggers.

We also worked closely with the client to design the email creative to ensure the best-matching products were featured based on our insight from customer segments that have similar buying behaviour. Product were recommended that are often bought at the same time (e.g. cushions and throws).

The benefits

  • Removes the guesswork to increase product relevance within email communications to drive engagement and increase ROI
  • Customers feel understood and connected to the client’s brand – ‘they know what I like / want to buy’
  • Drives relevant and engaged traffic back to the client’s website based on genuine interest / sales intention
  • Encourages store visitation with further opportunity for increased spend during visit(s)

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Ikano Insight's best-in-class data insight paved the way for us to deeply understand our customers' behaviour so we could create effective and impactful on-brand communications

Yulia Avtonomova, Loyalty Leader - Customer Engagement & Loyalty

IKEA Russia

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