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“A new vision for customer engagement & loyalty”


Our challenge:

As one of the world’s most innovative and globally competitive brands, adidas needed a loyalty program that would beat the competition hands down.

How we seized the data:

We recognised that adidas doesn’t just have customers, it has fans. Some are into sport, others see the label as a fashion statement. We wanted to find a way of recognising all types of customer and the very different ways they behaved across a multitude of channels to interact with the adidas brand.
The answer was nothing short of a world-first for adidas – the most innovative and unique loyalty programme on the market. A programme which would reward and recognise every customer at every touch point using adidas’ unique product, media content and exclusive access to brand ambassadors and events.
The proposition was researched and refined with consumers and key stakeholders across Europe and Asia ensuring that the key drivers and benefits of the programme would appeal globally whilst allowing customisation for local markets.


It hasn’t launched yet, so the exact details remain confidential, however the programme is set to be one of the most innovative the CRM world has ever seen.

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