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“Getting insight from unstructured data”


Our challenge:

In a tougher economy with increased competition, industrial gas supplier BOC needed to find pro-active ways of delivering better customer service.

How we seized the data:

BOC asked us to create an outbound telephone survey to gauge customer satisfaction levels. First, we devised a survey that would probe customers in-depth – including their views of everything from delivery to billings to the call centre.
Using the latest textual analysis technology, we were able to analyse all the answers (even the verbatims) and provide accurate and detailed customer profiles. The survey also took into account customer types and geographic locations, creating a richer understanding of each individual customer.


Quant now presents an ongoing enterprise-wide report on key business performance indicators, broken down by region and customer types . These in-depth reports provide unique insights that help shape the way BOC responds to its customer needs.

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