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“Challenging perceptions and new customer segmentation”


Our challenge:

Glenfiddich had become perceived as the starter single malt rather than a serious malt for people with more developed tastes and as a result they were losing consumer share.

Glen1How we seized the data:

Glenfiddich is the only Highland single malt that uses the spring water it is distilled with, to reduce the cask strength and the distillery has won the title of ‘The World’s Best Whisky’. We knew these facts would appeal to whisky drinkers. We developed a multichannel acquisition strategy where the communications were completely unbranded. Channels tested were online, press, direct mail and inserts. We asked recipients if they would like the chance to win a bottle of the “The world’s best malt whisky, worth £1,000”, only when they responded, did we reveal the name of the best whisky in the world, Glenfiddich.
Questions in the competition were used to identify which type of whisky drinker they were, which allowed us to create new customer segments that were incentivised and targeted with personalised communications. We focused on building their understanding of the Glenfiddich brand heritage.


We received response rates to cold lists of 37% and press inserts of 5.8%. The programme went on to deliver an increase in brand preference of 47% and a 29% increase in consumption, measured against a control. The results were so good we won a Data Strategy award for Acquisition and the Response award for Inserts.

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