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“Integrating digital into the in-store experience”


Our challenge:

IKEA wanted to reduce acquisition costs to the IKEA FAMILY programme, improve data quality and re-create some of the customer’s online experience in store.

How we seized the data:

We knew that paper applications led to more inaccurate customer data, so we developed an in-store kiosk which customers could use to register for IKEA FAMILY. Because the kiosks were PAF-enabled, details like the customer’s address can be accurately verified and duplicate memberships detected. IKEA FAMILY members can also interact with the kiosk in a number of ways; changing and amending details, ordering new cards or accessing digital receipts for products already purchased. Each store can use the kiosks to create and target personalised shopping offers to each member.


The kiosk has been implemented in eight markets, including IKEA’s home market in Sweden. Not only does it reduce direct mailing costs, unregistered cards have fallen significantly, while data quality has substantially improved. Our future plans include turning the kiosks into multi-channel customer hubs, assessable via mobile or tablet, to enhance the in-store shopping experience even further.


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