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Transform the way you use your data to make strategic business decisions

Data is the key to driving your business forward. It enables you to understand trends and correlations so you can make robust and profitable decisions using solid data insight.

Consolidate your valuable raw data and transform the way in which you access and report your KPI and trend insights with our user-friendly, scalable and customisable business intelligence data dashboards.

Selecting the right business intelligence solution for your specific industry and company is crucial. Our expert business intelligence team will work with you to understand your individual needs and create the right reporting and data visualisation dashboard for you.

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Bring clarity and visibility to complex and scattered customer data

In our world of big data, it has become easy to build databases, but challenging to have meaningful clarity and visibility of this valuable data.

Businesses often hold customer data across multiple platforms which are not connected or compatible. Additionally, transactional information may be held online and offline, leading to an even more complex data system.

Management of unorganised data is both time and energy-consuming and reports can quickly become out of date or unvalued. Our data insight experts can help you make sense of this complex data, enabling you to make more strategic business decisions.

Consolidate multiple data sources to improve actionable insights

Consolidate your complex and scattered data so you can unlock valuable business intelligence and make fast decisions so that your business can be more agile.

The process of merging, deduping and cleansing your big data will improve its quality as well as reveal powerful insights, such as identifying critical touchpoints across user journeys.

By gaining a deeper understanding of your customers’ spending habits, behaviour, demographics and lifestyles, you can increase your profitability and ROI from marketing campaigns.

Core benefits:

Simplify and streamline complex data
Consolidate online and offline transactions
Reduce time spent on manual data integration
Improve data quality and accuracy
Deliver a 360-degree view for all departments

Use data visualisation to understand trends and make confident business decisions

Learning how to influence your customer’s behaviour is powerful. Your database is the key. As experts in simplifying complex data and making it actionable, we help you understand your individual customers’ needs, motivations, and what will engage and drive their purchase decisions.

By better visualising your data, you can easily understand and track trends and correlations to make more robust, informed and data-driven business decisions.

Core benefits:

Access on-demand business intelligence
Consolidated and visualised data removes the guesswork
Gain a deeper understanding of your customer base
Make robust data-driven decisions
Standardise BI reporting across entire company

User-friendly KPI dashboard delivers flexible, on-demand reporting

You have valuable business intelligence at your fingertips. By organising and analysing your data with one of our business intelligence dashboards, you can uncover the story in your data, reduce your risks and streamline the decision-making process by using stable and consistent data sources.

Our range of business intelligence dashboards enable you to create accurate reports against specific KPIs, with on-demand data visualisation. The reporting dashboards are also scalable and customisable to suit your bespoke business needs.

User-friendly, quick to set up data dashboards
Run fast and flexible reports and KPIs
Empower your teams with accessible insight for trend analysis
Improved operational efficiency
Scalable and customisable by industry

Our featured Business Intelligence products

Below is a selection of the key products we offer to make your data accessible to all and enable strategic decision making:

Data Visualisation Dashboard

Visual dashboards that simplify complex data sets giving on-demand clarity and visibility

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Sustainability (ESG) measurement and visualisation

Harness complex, fragmented data-sets and display critical KPI measures to all your business stakeholders

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Transform your business intelligence with data visualisation dashboards

Our Business Intelligence experts will work with you and your team to understand what your business needs right now and in the future.

Choose one of our ready-to-go BI dashboards to suit your industry sector, business and specific objectives.

Alternatively, we can offer a complete Business Intelligence consultation and strategy service tailored to your objectives

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Our Business Intelligence services include:

Sales performance & attribution
Acquisition & conversion rates
Goal & KPI forecasting and monitoring
Communication & engagement rates
Data volume & quality monitoring
Demographic information & splits
Geospatial heat mapping

Having this kind of information at our fingertips will enable us all to see where we are, keep us on track and enable us to share our sustainability stories with concrete data.

Acting Sustainability & Communication Manager | Ikano Retail

Corinna Schuler

Ikano Insight really understood our objectives and challenges, delivering a plan to enable better understanding of our customers through comprehensive, user-friendly access to otherwise unseen data

Inspiration & Communication Manager | Ikano Retail

Nigel Richardson

We are very happy to make a first step putting data in people’s hands, bringing it closer to both our co-workers and customers.

We have a long journey ahead and look forward to a fruitful relationship with Ikano Insight.

Chief Digital Officer | Ikano Retail

Koen Besteman

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